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Welcome to the New Zealand homepage of the world’s best true personal fitness-health trackers


The new world’s #1

RD-545 image

1.  RD-545 “Champion’s Segmental Supreme”

Dual frequency 8-electrode scanning - 26 measures - seamless to Smartphone Body Monitor


Nothing else “measures up to it” in the world!


Designed to enhance performance like nothing else …


… new exclusive in-house research, world patented, intensively validated


First ever in the world


Just for … 

Internationally Competitive and Professional Athletes

or serious Bodybuilders


Personal / consumer / home-use device

Not a heavy-duty commercial-professional model – Contact TANITA Commercial for models that are used thousands of times per year in gyms or university research!


Limited time TANITA-NZ direct deal



+ today FREE courier ($14)


Buy direct (click here!)

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NB: RRP NZ$899


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1.      Exceptional body scan monitors available NZ:

2.      Exceptional Retailers NZ:

3.      Information: What do each of the “scan” measures mean?

4.      My TANITA (stories, testimonials: NB takes you off-site):

5.      Exceptional WARRANTY and service terms:

No brand has a NZ importer-distributor to offer you better!

Easy to do since TANITA quality has been incomparable here for over a ¼ Century!

Even if you break it, we offer to cover you with a low-cost solution on some models out to 10 years!

6.      Support: User tips and FAQ

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Other TANITA products:

7.      Exceptional bathroom-bodyweight scales available NZ:

8.      Exceptional Kitchen scales available NZ:

9.      Other health/fitness products:


Contact info:

10.  BM&S Imports – TANITA-NZ.



11.  About us

12.  About TANITA Corporation of Japan.

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Body scan models


1.   Exceptional body scan bioelectric analysis monitors available NZ:






“Segmental Supreme”

“Wireless 1000”







RRP $109

RRP $129

RRP $249

RRP $450

RRP $899

RRP $365

Buy today deal $89 – click “buy today” to email order!

Buy today $115

Buy today $249


Buy today deal, BLACK $367.67


Buy today deal, WHITE $367.67


For professional athletes!


Buy today $799

Buy today deal $299

With FREE ANT+ and exclusive Healthy-Edge-Lite software



As of 1st July 2019, for the first time in 20 years you can now buy DIRECT from us this NZ #1 top selling model. Models of this status previously reserved to Retailer-only sales. Check them out, they may offer a deal! See Retailer list below.


Over 9 years this out-standing model has gone to NZ’s top-seller status over all of our models over 23 years!. Nothing at this level beats it in value of features for $’s: Now, slightly older scan-technology and algorithm compared to the new RD’s, but it still does give extra measures that no other brand can offer you with its exclusive world patented Dual Frequency.







Click! on image




2.   Exceptional TANITA Retailers NZ:

Click! on name

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NZ Fitness Gear


Mandy Halligan

027 349 8962

Weight loss, Health & Wellness Coach



Pro-Active 24 Nutrition

Damian and Beatrice Southwell-Powley

Tanita Scales 4U

Your biz?

Your biz?

Your biz?




NB: All retailers do not carry all of the range of models.


Retailers WANTED:

TANITA is the premier brand in the world: Without question it is the most unique and innovative product range in what is the fastest growing relatively new category of home user health, fitness, and sport performance enhancement.

TANITA monitors guide safe healthy weight-loss like nothing else can. Every weight-loss programme or business should be using a TANITA.

The world’s top product requires top retailers, who understand what the multiple benefits are that TANITA “BIA” scan measurements do to motivate their customers to achieve their goals, and who will actively promote this.

If your business is in health (e.g. pharmacy), or sport (e.g. bike-shop?), or fitness (e.g. PT-service or gym equipment shop?), or, you have a weight-loss business (Tanita “proves” your programme like nothing else can!) , the retailing of TANITA could be that all important addition to validate or support what your business already offers, enthusing your customers even more!


We are cautious who represents such a great brand these 23 years, since unlike a lot of saturation suppliers with no special product, we have operated by a simple principle that, …


“… it is better to have just a few good retailers profit well from this top product than to have a lot of retailers profit little and treat it poorly”.


If you feel TANITA and you are an ideal match, then we are very keen to hear your retail proposal… 

Email me: Kerry James Goodhew  






3.   Information links: What do each of your body “scan” measures mean?

Off-site links!


·      Understanding each TANITA measurement: Here! (click!)


·      Watch graphic explanation here! (silent slide-show!)





4.   My TANITA (stories, testimonials):

Go to page: click!



Other TANITA products:



5.   Exceptional bathroom-bodyweight scales available NZ:





HD-387 Cream – 200kg

HD-387 White – 200kg

HD-387 Red – 200kg

HD-366 Black – 200kg, Large platform

HD-384 White – 200kg, Large

HD-384 Black – 200kg, Large

RRP $99

RRP $127

RRP $134

Click! on image

Model links go off this page to!




6.   Exceptional Kitchen scales available NZ:



“Popular Two Kilo w Bowl”

“Slim In Chrome Two Kilo”

“Silicone Clean Two Kilo Micro-weigh”

“Foldaway Five Kilo”

“Three Kilo Plus Micro-weigh”

“Impressive 10 kilogram”

“Impressive 5 kilogram”

KD-160 – w bowl

  2kg/1g – Red or White

KD-177 – 2kg/1g

– Most stylish in chrome

KD-192 – 2kg/1g

Micro-mode: 200g/0.1g + 1kg/0.5g

– Hygienic removable silicone cover

–Choose: Green, Pink, or Red

KD-400 – 5kg/1g

– Absolute accuracy with

Geographic Gravity set.

KD-321 – 3kg/1g

Micro-mode: 300g/0.1g + 1,500g/0.5g

–Removable stainless tray

KW-211 – 10kg/1g

Highly accurate with “Geo Adjust”   Geographic Gravitational Accuracy set.

 Battery or Mains adaptor power

 Water & dustproof on battery (only!)

  Virtual commercial standard in consumer model. But not spec’d heavy commercial use!

KW-211 – 5kg/0.5g

“Geo Adjust”   

 Battery or Mains adaptor power

 Water & dustproof on battery (only!)

  Virtual commercial standard in consumer model. But not spec’d heavy commercial use!



RRP $19

RRP $30

RRP $31

RRP $45

RRP $64

RRP $239

RRP $259

Click! on image

Model links go off this page to!





7.   Other health/fitness products:

-         Nice Breath Checker

-         Baby scale



Contact info:

8.   BM&S Imports – TANITA-NZ: Click!


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To get an idea how a TANITA monitor can work for your health and fitness goals click on above “My TANITA” heading. NB: Off-site page!


See there how “your’s truly”, owner BM&S Imports -TANITA-NZ, steps up, to literally walk-the-talk to show how TANITA will work for you!


Latest update there: Tuesday, 26th March 2019


Using a TANITA monitor is all about…


"The greatest wealth is health". ~ Virgil b. 70 BC.


This truism about your health was first found in "western" culture writing just over two thousand years ago, but in reality has been known by sages and grandmothers forever!


… by comparison to your health everything else you've got is just about nothing!


Do something great for your health TODAY.









Newsflash update: Tuesday, 9th July 2019


New DIRECT SALES policy:

As of 1st July 2019, we have changed a 20-year policy of not selling direct, where we reserved a massive advantage to our Retailers in having all top-selling models in each category the preserve of their business sales without our also selling direct. This was effective when we had a lot of Retailers, to help especially those who had low levels of sales. However, after 20 years, through the past 5 years we felt it necessary to let a lot of the non-performing Retailers go. This fits the principle we’ve always actually had that, “…  it is best to have just a few enthusiastic Retailers doing well with TANITA than to have a lot of Retailers profiting average to poorly”.  We’ve worked back to that original ethos, even though still on the lookout for new good people/businesses! We now have a “crew” of much fewer but good performing TANITA-enthusiastic retailers who will not be affected by just one more retailer, albeit being “us” the importer selling direct. The main reason: Selling direct helps us with crucial information including to better gauge consumer interests and proactively anticipate support needs which will result in a superior experience with the product for the consumer and inevitably too our Retailer!  It will also mean that we can do more advertising, sometimes a crippling expense, to have more of that expense returned back direct to us as the advertiser, through retail-sales of top-selling models that we have not benefitted from this way in the past. We can then afford to do more with these improved returns from direct sales! With improved profile through increased advertising the overall outcome will be a win:win for everybody, with Retailers getting a lift from our increased adverts, and especially for more NZers just like you to enjoy the great benefits a TANITA will bring to their lives!   


Tuesday, 26th March 2019

Finally! A *New* My TANITA update is posted.

It has been a long while since I did an update: But anyway, by example, you can read there how your TANITA can help you achieve your health or fitness goals like nothing else can!


My TANITA is now “homed” on one of our oldest URL’s, being from 1994!

Click on either My TANITA or to go there.






Choose your TANITA

Choose from our stock of current 6 NZ top selling body scanning monitors:



The new world’s #1

RD-545 image

1.  RD-545 “Champion’s Segmental Supreme”

Dual frequency 8-electrode scanning - 26 measures - seamless to Smartphone Body Monitor


Nothing else measures up to it in the world!


Designed to enhance performance like nothing else …


First ever in the world

just for… 

Internationally Competitive and Professional Athletes

or serious Bodybuilders


… new exclusive research, intensively validated


Limited time TANITA-NZ direct deal



+ FREE courier ($14)


Buy direct (click here!)

This emails your order to us:


NB: Indicative normal pricing: Compare…

RRP AU$799!!!  That is the price in Australia but in Aussie dollars! = NZ$878  (/0.91)

RRP EU$470 = NZ$839 excl.gst (today’s Westpac sells rate!)

NZ$839 + GST = NZ$965!!!


NZ RRP could be $965!!!


Much more


Much more on RD-545:


Already world-wide acclaimed “best ever”: NOTHING compares: Overseas 15,000 quickly sold: A “must have” for any serious athlete.


With this new model, in just months since its release, thousands of international athletes took steps and bounds towards, or surpassing, or leaving you behind …they bought one! 


Their improved new body was “made by TANITA”. 


The 2020 Olympics is around 10 months away (at September 2019) in Tokyo, Japan, the home of TANITA.


I imagine that Tokyo and TANITA will wish all of the athletes of the world to be their best in trying out for and making their nation’s Olympic Games teams:  TANITA has stepped up in time to offer you, all who endeavour, this amazing technological aid to assist and advance athletic limits to heights, lengths, speeds and times never seen before:  Will you strike out and truly carefully, accurately, aim for your own limits?


Don’t be left wishing, “I should have…” come 2020!


- Watch this - 

Click image, and be sure to go full-screen



Buy direct (click here!)

This emails your order to us:

We reply with DC payment information (no credit cards) and confirm we have your address correct: You pay, we dispatch same day. Easy! IMPORTANT: If you have emailed us your order without a reply within the hour, or certainly at least within 24 hours, PLEASE check your junk folder, or white-list our email address, or re-send, or phone free 0800 bodyfat (263 9328) or only if all else has failed, ph/text 027 22 724 22. NB: We have noticed a few customers having trouble with some email servers! Particularly yahoo addresses are a problem!


Or, choose and enquire of our retailers

Click ‘retailers’!

Our retailers are not obliged at all to offer you this one time only deal that will soon disappear!


World’s #1 features in brief:


The No.1 Segmental Body Composition Monitor for Smartphones: All the features you need for enhanced performance

 - Pioneering Dual Frequency BIA technology, giving comprehensive measurements

 - Thorough 26 whole-body, segmental body composition analysis obtained in less than 30 seconds

 - Review your physical status with charts & graphs anytime, anywhere with graph analysis

Quality Guarantee - Made in Japan guaranteeing the best product quality


Recommended by "Kaden Daishou (Home Appliance Award)" in Japan.


People say…



"RD-545 helps me spot out which side of the body that I need to work on for a better balance. It provides me with direction on how to improve my results further." 
- Triathlon athlete (39 years old, Female)


"Through constant checking of the relationship between Muscle Quality Score and my ultimate performance, I figured out what I should do to achieve my perfect bodyshape." 
- High Jump athlete (21 years old, Female)

"RD-545 lets me know that the internal injury on my leg was not yet recovered. Based on that, I rearranged my training content to avoid further injuries." 
- Fitness Trainer (44 years old, Male)





View manual and user guide

Get some idea how “Segmental Supreme” works, and learn from “the guide” the meaning of each body composition measure, including the world-wide firsts in *new* measures…

Click here!

NB: Takes you to page link!


Learn more about BC measures…

…and why they are so important to your health, wellbeing, or sport performance

Body fat % : Body water % : Muscle Mass (lean mass) : Muscle Quality Score (*new*) : Athlete Mode (*new* improved) : Metabolic Age (physical age) : Segmental Measurements : Physique rating  … and much more!

Click here!

e.g. What is the “MQ” (quality) of your muscle? And is your muscle in good condition for your actual age? TANITA RD-545 and 953 tell you!

Self Photos / Files - musclequalityscore


Even more info

Click “Info” to go through to (our) RD-545 page

(… currently re-directs to TANITA-Asia-Pacific until our dedicated page is built!)




Setup your RD-545

When you receive your RD-545, before opening the box, WATCH THIS!

Click-on image below!

…shows how easy it is to set-up

…watch also if you’ve bought an RD-953 Supreme - same setup principle!




(info page link here soon!)






2. UM-041 “Basic” Body-fat / Body-water monitor

Colour choice: Black or Red


RRP $109.99


Direct deal: $89.00 Limited time


Click to…


Buy direct


Or, choose retailer


UM-041 is the perfect inexpensive device for beginner interest in body composition assessment.


Or! Small and light, is ideal for throwing into your travel bag to keep a track of yourself while away on work missions or holiday.


Great to start kids with: We have demand for this extreme budget-price model from schools. Used properly with well-considered Physical Education instruction on what the measures mean, the device supports healthy attitudes toward weight and weight loss. A TANITA BIA scan can prove that people can be heavy but healthy in terms of body-fat which the faulty BMI (body mass index) does not do!


The UM-041 “Basic BF/BW” is the basic monitor having the essential original measurement features of Body Fat and Body Water measurements that TANITA Corporation of Japan invented to first launch on the world in 1992!  Yes! Now more than ¼ of a Century of developments exist behind TANITA’s incomparable world-leading health-fitness products of today.


This economical price-point monitor is staggering if you understood the technology that has gone into creating the bioelectric impedance generator (BIA) and the CPU (computer chip) algorithm that matches your personal data to population norms against gold-standard DXA scanner measurements. It is a method highly scientifically supported by Japanese and World research; using advanced human population statistical analysis.


All for less than NZ$100: Amazing!


Choice of two colours: Red or Black - with white web decal.



(info page link here soon!)







3. UM-075 “Jenny” with Athlete mode

Basic Body-fat / Body-water monitor

with Athlete mode, Muscle Mass, and Visceral Fat Rating


RRP $129.00


Direct deal: $115.00 Limited time


Click to…


Buy direct


Or, choose retailer 

(click! on “retailer”!)


The “075” that we call “Jenny” sometimes rivals the sales popularity of our famous BC-587 “ClassPlus”. This is due to its use in the programmes of numerous well-known weight-loss businesses.


It is priced at incredible economic value for what it offers …beyond compare.


Not only does it offer the essentials of Total Body Water and Body Fat measurement, if you are recreationally physically active or sport inclined, it offers “Athlete Mode” and measurement of your Muscle Mass. 


Additionally your “Jenny” gives you a Visceral Fat rating (belly-fat), a measure which is critical in terms of your health especially as you get older. This is the fat around your internal abdominal organs, assessing in particular your belly-fat. If you measure above a rating of “12” upward to the highest rating of “60” this indicates significantly increased chance of a number of serious health risks such as diabetes, digestive system problems, cardiovascular disease etc. Combined with your Muscle Mass measure which you DO NOT want to see decline as you get older, or at least as slowly as possible (through regular exercise), you want to keep your Visceral Fat Rating at or below 12. 


What is your Visceral Rating? Find out! Get yourself a TANITA monitor TODAY!  Then talk to your doctor, followed by a personal trainer, on what you need to do!   


Your TANITA is so easy to use; my near 90 years mother-n-law uses one!



(info page coming soon!)







4. BC-587 “Class Plus” InnerScan Dual


NZ’s #1 seller, 9 years running!


RRP $249.00


This style-king BC-587 “ClassPlus” shot to NZ NUMBER ONE seller status soon after its launch around 2010 and has never looked like giving up its massive popularity. Kiwis just love this monitor and that is exactly what they call to tell us …“I love my TANITA!”


Caveat emptor: Buyer beware!

Designated InnerScan BC, the “587” sports TANITA’s world-wide exclusive dual-frequency scan technology which has afforded it an increased set of motivating health and fitness measures to get you to your goals.  Copycat brands cannot offer you these additional measures without dual frequency and TANITA has the patent on dual frequency! If you find other brands offering these measures they are either breaching patent or they are giving fake measurements! We actually found complete fake scan in a copy-cat brand sold in a chain-store supermarket in NZ 6 years ago! This fake monitor had no bioelectric impedance generator in it at all; it was just a straight out BMI (body mass index) calculator, being a simple weight divided by your height formula. NZ consumers were being totally fooled by this China sourced hack.


Technological advances:

Against the very recently launched sensationally spec’d “RD” models (above), the economically priced BC-587 and the UM models (below) are now older technology and cannot quite match the new sophistication in measurement, which integrates new research, that is found in the RD’s. An extreme analogy would be expecting a brand new but old internal combustion mechanical technology Toyota corolla to perform as well as a $200K Tesla Electric! However, our reliable BC and UM models still do the job that tens of thousands of Kiwis just like you have found to be very effective in realising amazing goals in weight-loss, fitness, or sport achievement.   Our BC’s and UM’s are excellent value for their price and what they can do for you!


Several things that make the BC-587 special are its style, with chrome buttons and large tempered glass platform; 200 kg capacity; Very clear easy-read large blue-back lit display; and 9 measures.




Technical Specifications

Weight capacity: 200kg

Graduation: 0.1kg

Product size (mm): 300mm x 340mm x 43mm

Product weight: 2.7kg

Size of display: 32mm

Power supply: AA x 4

User memories: 4

Guest mode: Any number of people can be tested

Weigh-only mode: Just weigh yourself like an ordinary bathroom scale!

Choice of: Standard (population) measurement mode or Athlete mode (Exercise 10 hours/week; RHR<60)


The BC-587 features a 200kg weight capacity and an extra wide platform.
The BC-587 is easy to use; users can check each body composition reading simply by clicking the corresponding chrome-finish feature buttons. Results are clearly displayed on an extra-large LCD display with bright blue backlight.




Email us your order…


Buy direct

(click! on “buy direct”!)


Or, click to…


Choose retailer

Click on “retailer”!



Click on “Info”!

More info here soon!


If you are unfamiliar with TANITA or the terms body composition or BIA, this slide show is a great start…


Click on image!








5. RD-953 “Supreme” InnerScan Dual

Colour choice: White or Black



RRP $450.00


Direct deal: $367.67 Limited time


Click to…


Buy direct

Click on “Buy direct”!


This emails your order to us: We reply with DC payment information (no credit cards) and confirm we have your address correct: You pay, we dispatch same day. Easy! IMPORTANT: If you have emailed us your order without a reply within the hour, or certainly at least within 24 hours, PLEASE check your junk folder, or white-list our email address, or re-send. We have noticed a few customers having trouble with some email servers!


Or, choose retailer


For healthy weight-loss, fitness-health goals, and more serious recreational or masters athletes (the “weekend warrior”): You now have the tool to realise a healthier better looking body or to achieve elusive PB’s you started to think you would never crack.


Features in brief:

NB: There is a lot more to RD-953 Supreme than can be shown in this brief!


Product Details

·       Dual Frequency

·       Compatible with iPhone & Android

·       New "Muscle Quality Score"

·       High Capacity - 200kg

·       Minimum weight graduation to 0.05kg

·       Body composition estimation formula for Caucasian users - More Accurate Measurements!


Technical Specifications

Colour variations:

Black, White

Weight capacity:




Product size (mm):

298mm x 328mm x 32mm

Product weight:


Power supply:

AA x 4

User memories: 4


The RD-953 incorporates medical grade Dual Frequency BIA technology, which uses two different bio-electrical frequencies to give more accurate body composition results as well as to assess one's muscle condition - "Muscle Quality Score" (MQ), a NEW motivational measure EXCLUSIVE to TANITA.  This MQ is assessed in 3 categories: High. Standard and Low. With reference to this score, users can improve the Muscle Strength by doing more specific exercise on a regular basis.

Results are shown on the monitor’s LCD display and can be instantly transmitted to your iPhone & Android system using Bluetooth technology and uploaded to your iPhone, where you can monitor and evaluate your progress using the free Tanita Health Planet App.

The RD-953 has a four-user memory, each with its own colour display and an auto-recognition feature, so you can simply step on to the scale without inputting your details each time. It also provides colour-coded assessments of your measurements, with green for healthy readings, yellow for borderline and red alerting you that attention is needed.

Available in black or white. 


A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated


More Info

Click on “Info”!

NB: Offsite link! Temporarily redirects to TANITA Asia page while we develop our page!


- Watch this - 

Click image, and be sure to go full-screen



Over ¼ Century ago TANITA of Japan invented the scale that electrically scans then analyses your body. NZers just like you have been realising their best health, weight-goals, or fitness for 23 of those years. Join the ranks of our “great kiwi TANITA success club”.


Specific measurements provided by Your TANITA correlate highly to fitness, a longer healthier life, a “healthy range” that indicates significantly reduced risk of serious life shortening obesity related diseases; And for the athletic, Your TANITA points to improved and superior sport performance. 


Important note: Obesity by definition is about excess body-fat not weight.  Weight IS NOT a measure of obesity!  You can actually weigh heavy but be healthy in terms of body-fat!  Your TANITA InnerScan monitor answers all the questions that may be raised in you with these comments.


Through continuous improvement by their R&D sector, and feedback from grateful customers just like you, TANITA remain continuously world leading with exclusive patented innovations in this fast-growing consumer home-user self-diagnostic health and fitness category.


Today’s TANITA are simply amazing in what they can do for you.


A picture containing person

Description automatically generated













6. BC-1000 “Wireless 1000” InnerScan



RRP $380.00


Direct deal: $300.00 Limited time

Price is platform-only with USB ANT+ stick (normally $33) included: Download of “HealthyEdge Lite” software is FREE.


This model has become as much a favourite with health, fitness, or nutritional clinicians who have a small clientele at any one time as it has been a favourite with fitness enthusiasts (It is not a heavy duty use commercial spec’d model!). You can upgrade the HealthyEdge software to Pro version for any number of “customers”! What people like is the very large stable platform area, the largest of all of our scales and monitors, which not only looks professional in an office but affords safety for people who are not so good on their feet.  After 12 years I still use one of these myself in the BM&S TANITA-NZ office for all sorts of things such as a quick personal weigh-only, or weigh a parcel going out, or I put visitors who call for advice on it.


Click to…


Buy direct


We have limited stock: This model not available through our retailers: This is a top product at clearance price, snooze you lose!







Other TANITA products

Choose Category


2. TANITA Home Kitchen

3. TANITA Home Bathroom

- Body-weight Scales

4. Other Health & Wellbeing products


Click! above image to skip to category.





Choose Retailer


These are some of our Retailers: Click! on them to go direct to their TANITA listings.


NOTE: If they are out of stock, most of our retailers will get any model in for you. However, some firmly stock only one or two models, e.g. Rebel Sport specialises only in top-selling BC-587 “ClassPlus”.


NZ Fitness Gear


Mandy Halligan

027 349 8962

Weight loss, Health & Wellness Coach



Pro-Active 24 Nutrition

Damian and Beatrice Southwell-Powley

Tanita Scales 4U

Your biz?

Your biz?

Your biz?





News archive!



Monday, 4th March 2019:  OFFICE CLOSED: Thursday, Friday this week, 7th and 8th March.

Please place orders by Wednesday 4pm (by midday if discounted PBD terms are wanted.

Back on-board Monday 11th March.


3 August 2018: “Cleaned” up this home-age somewhat today and same on , hoping to improve experience for you on our pages!


11 July 2018:  New ‘support’ (info) page coming soon.


8 June 2018: *New* sensational RD-545 “Champion’s Segmental Supreme” for professional athletes now in stock, with early-adopter back orders away, this first shipment is running out the door beyond our expectation.


1 May 2018: Our all-time top-selling BC-587 “Class-Plus” hit a new sales record in April. Kiwis love the success they get with their health, fitness or weight (fat)-loss with this model. Find out why, get one!






Go to…






See how a TANITA can work for you like nothing else can!  My TANITA (click!)

TANITA Kitchen scales for your home and one semi-commercial:

TANITA Bathroom weight scales:

Athlete LACTATE fitness test Meter for objective training prescription:

Arkray LactatePro2: Used by NZ’s most successful endurance sport codes, for 20 years hands-down NZ’s most popular test Meter brand, for good reasons!


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